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Growing numbers of Americans are reaching their senior years and cognitive impairment is becoming a chief concern. Many seniors now understand that maintaining brain function is key to their quality of life as they get older, with solid evidence showing that declining cognitive function leads to a downward spiral, including loss of autonomy and eventual institutionalization. The need for preventative strategies to reduce or delay onset of cognitive impairment is now paramount. With expanding evidence of selenium's connection to both normal brain function and its importance for maintenance of brain health with age, companies are now developing brain health formulas featuring selenium as a timely strategy to help avert this public health crisis. 

BrainMD offers two exceptional brain health formulas that are based on the groundbreaking work of clinical neuroscientist, psychiatrist and brain health expert Daniel G. Amen, MD. NeuroVite Plus multivitamin combines 50 nutrients and plant extracts in their most active forms to provide whole body-mind nutrition. The product contains three of Dr. Amen's hand-selected proprietary nutrient blends including the NeuroVite-PlusBrain Boosting Blend, with Acetyl-L-Carnitine, Alpha-Lipoic Acid, PhosphatidylSerine, CoenzymeQ10, all clinically research brain health nutrients; the Digestive Enzyme Blend to support digestive health, metabolize foods and support natural intestinal balance, which is critical for a healthy brain; and numerous essential minerals, including 200 mcg of the brain health booster selenium from high-selenium yeast. The product is a multivitamin formulated for intensive whole-body support with added emphasis on brain health. Brain-Body-PowerThe brain needs the same nutrients as the rest of the body, and this formula contains a wide range of nutrients aimed at integrating brain and body functions. BrainMD also offers its Brain & Body Power supplement combination, which includes three supplements in pre-dosed packets, for support of healthy memory, cognition and focus. The product combines the daily multivitamin minerals in Neurovite Plus, noted above, as well as Brain & Memory Power Boost with PhosphotydlSerine, Acetyl-L-Carnitine, N-AcetylCysteine, Alpha-lipoic acid, Gingko Biloba Extract, Vinpocetine and Huperzine A; and the Omega-3 power with EPA and DHA to support healthy cognition, including recall, retention, focus and concentration, mood and behavior, as well as other body systems like cardiovascular health and circulation.

Both products note that selenium is required by at least 25 enzymes in the body, like glutathione peroxidase, to defend against free radicals, along with other enzymes that regulate gene activity, thyroid hormone production, protein synthesis, cell-to-cell communications, muscle development and immunity.

To learn about more important opportunities to develop brain health products with selenium and Cypress Ingredients’ SelenoExcell®, we have gathered a broad range of resources to cover your business needs, from current clinical research to formulation insights and strategies.

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