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Selenium deficiency may be one of the most prevalent and important micro nutrient deficiencies in humans.1 While the body only needs a small amount of this essential mineral, it packs a mighty punch by playing an important role providing antioxidant properties that can help prevent chronic diseases and support immune and thyroid function as well as a healthy inflammatory response. However, research now estimates that as many as 1 billion people globally have insufficient intake and many more may not be getting enough to protect themselves from infections and serious diseases, like cancer.2

Companies are now recognizing the importance of selenium supplementation to address this concerning public health issue, and they are developing both single and synergistic formulas with selenium for immune function support. An exemplary synergistic formula is Doctor’s Best Daily Immune Complex, which has been clinically shown to enhance DrB-Immuneimmunity. It contains a variety of known and well-researched immune supporters, including a proprietary heat-treated immunobiotic strain, Lactobacillis plantarum L-137, which is a clinically studied immune enhancer that works to promote immune function in the intestinal tract to impact the entire body. The formula also includes a potent combination of vitamins C, D3, zinc, and selenium, all of which work together to fight free radicals and support immune response.

Each tablet contains 55 mcg of SelenoExcell® selenium to help maintain a healthy antioxidant defense, which helps reduce oxidative stress and support immune function. Company literature cites numerous clinical studies on all of these ingredients, including studies that establish selenium’s overall immune-modulating effects3 and its value as a simple, inexpensive and safe adjunct therapy to fight viral infections.4

For people who may need an even greater boost to their selenium levels, Natural Factors offers its SelenoExcell® selenium single formulaNatural-Factors-SelenoExcell supplement, which contains 200 mcg per capsule and can address a more severe selenium deficiency by stimulating and protecting the immune system by enhancing antibody production and preventing free-radical damage. In addition to its immune boosting properties, the product also notes the importance of selenium for maintenance of healthy heart and liver function and support of healthy cell structure.

Both formulas contain the proprietary SelenoExcell® selenium ingredient, which is in its organically bound, natural food form (bound to Saccharomyces cerevisiae, or baker’s yeast) for greater efficacy and bioavailability. Whole-food form mineral supplements made using Saccharomyces cerevisiae replicate the natural process in plants to provide a superior food form that the body can easily use. This high-selenium yeast has been tested in numerous clinical studies and was found to be superior to other forms, such as selenomethionine, in reducing biomarkers of oxidative stress.5 SelenoExcell® is a Generally Recognized as Safe (GRAS) ingredient that can also be formulated into functional foods and beverages.

To learn more about important opportunities to develop relevant immune support products with Cypress Ingredients’ SelenoExcell®, we have gathered a range of resources to cover your business needs, from current clinical research to formulation insights and strategies.


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