Brazil Nuts or SelenoExcell? Which is More Reliable?


At Cypress Systems, we believe in the power of food, which begs the question, Brazil nuts or Brazil Nuts or SelenoExcell? SelenoExcell? Which is better as a source of selenium?

This week, Prevention magazine added Brazil nuts to their feature 30 Days of Superfoods because of the nuts rich selenium content and properties that reduce cancer risk. We couldn't be more thrilled with the editors at Prevention because this elevates awareness of the importance of selenium. But did you know that selenium levels in Brazil nuts varies significantly depending on where the trees are grown?

The differences are really dramatic, up to 16 times per 5 gram nut:

  1. Bolivia 8mcg/5g nut
  2. Brazil 18 mcg/5g nut
  3. Peru 33mcg/5g nut in Peru
  4. Northern Countries in South America 130 mcg

This suggests that country-of-origin “dosing” of Brazil nuts could be used for selenium intake, but since that is unlikely, we have a better solution. At Cypress Systems, our food-form selenium is standardized batch-after-batch for quality and reliability. Unfortunately, Mother Nature can't make the same claim.

Want to know more on why selenium status is so important to health? Here are some studies to get you started: 

  1. Regional Selenium Levels and Vegetarians
  2. Scientific Essentials of SelenoExcell
  3. Importance of Food Form Selenium Yeast


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