Consumers See Supplements as Viable Support for Healthy Vision

According to a recent survey by NMI and presented at Supply Side West, as many as 70% agree they would use supplements for healthy vision. More than half of those surveyed say they view supplements as effective for eye health.

Did you know that emerging in-vivo and in-vitro science shows that GTF Chromium may be important to healthy vision and eye function among certain at-risk populations? An early animal study published in Experimental and Biology (access to full text below) shows that in animal model, GTF chromium may support healthy eye function.

The purpose of the study was to examine the influence of high glucose conditions on cataract formation in diabetic animals in vivo and in lenses incubated in high glucose medium, in vitro. We also aimed at examining the effect of the antidiabetic agent, GTF, on the eye lens both in vivo and in vitro. In the current paper, we show the effects of high glucose levels on the eye lens in diabetic rats and in organ culture, and the protective effects of GTF in both conditions.

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1. Source: For more information on NMI's 18th Annual Consumer Report 2017 Health and Wellness Trends In America, Click Here To learn more about NMI's SupplySide West 2017 Presentation- EYE HEALTH- Exploring the Blue Light Opportunities, contact Diane Ray, V.P. Innovation, at 215-513-7300, ext. 212 or
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