Council for Responsible Nutrition Annual Survey: Vitamins and Minerals Top the List

The annual report from the Council for Responsible Nutrition is out and once again, vitamins and minerals tops the list. Of those who take vitamins, 97% say they regularly take vitamin and mineral supplements, followed by 57% who take a multivitamin. Year after year, this CRN study solidifies the value of letter vitamins and minerals for those seeking a healthy lifestyle.

The report also lists the primary reasons consumers take supplements:

1. 42% Overall Health and Wellness

2. 30% Energy

3. 28% To Fill in Nutrient Gaps

4. 23% Immune Health

5. 22% Bone Health

And where do they buy? The answer may surprise you. It's not entirely on the internet. Most supplement users shop the old fashioned way in stores.

Vitamin and Supplement Report

Want to know more? Click in the button to download the infographic from CRN for a quick summary of the report.

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