Dr. Mercola with Mark Whitacre PhD on Why Selenium Form Matters

Dr Mercola: Getting enough of the right form of selenium matters to health


"Micronutrients are incredibly important and vital to your health. But more importantly, are you getting enough and perhaps even more importantly, the right form?"  ~ Dr Joseph Mercola. Leading nutrition expert Dr Mercola asks why selenium form matters in this interview with Cypress Systems' chief scientific officer, Mark Whitacre, PhD.

It's a question that your customers want to know. Is your product providing the best food form of selenium? In this interview, Drs Mercola and Whitacre review why food form minerals, like selenium yeast, matters to human health, particularly in reducing cancer risk.

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Watch this interview with Dr Mercola and Mark Whitacre, PhD, to learn why the research is clear: getting enough selenium in your diet, in the right form, is vitally important to health and wellbeing.



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In this interview you've heard some compelling scientifically valid information on why a food form of selenium matters. "Selenium yeast is the first line of defense against excess free radicals -- even more so than vitamin E and vitamin C," Whitacre says.

Dr Mercola summarizes his interview with Whitacre in this article, The Role of Selenium in Cellular Health and Cancer Prevention on Mercola.com. Here are a few key points from Dr Mercola to summarize:

3 Take Away Points on Why Selenium Form Matters from Dr Mercola

  1. "Considering the fact that heart disease and cancer are both at epidemic levels in the Western world, cutting your risk by eating a few Brazil nuts or taking a high-selenium yeast supplement like SelenoExcell seems like a no-brainer."
  2. "The selenium yeast gives you not just selenomethionine but also methylselenocysteine and selenocysteine. Research suggests methylselenocysteine may be the most active form in reducing cancer, and that's the form found in high-selenium yeast. It's not found in selenate, selenite or selenomethionine." 
  3. China, Russia, Australia, New Zealand, Europe and parts of the U.S. have been identified as selenium-deficient regions, including:

    • The Pacific Northwest
    • Parts of the Great Lakes region and east of it toward New England
    • Parts of the Atlantic Coast

    "If you live in one of these areas and focus your diet on locally grown foods, you may be low in selenium. You may also have low levels of selenium if you smoke cigarettes, drink alcohol, have had weight loss surgery or have Crohn's disease or ulcerative colitis."




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