Food Form Nutrients: A Growing Trend

The crowds are gone and the booths packed up after another successful Natural Products Expo West trade Expo West 2017 show in Anaheim. The parking lot tents bulging at the seams and shoulder-to-shoulder convention-center crowds were proof enough that this natural and healthy trend is growing. One Expo trend caught our attention as one we fully support – turmeric as the hero of food-form nutrients. Turmeric has raised the American consciousness about food-form nutrients.

Turmeric a growing trendAt every turn, some form of the golden tuber showed up in supplements, healthy meals and even snacks. Given its attention, it’s no surprise that the 2016 Google Food Trends report confirmed that turmeric as a functional ingredient has captured the attention of the nation.  “Interest in this functional ingredient grew +56% from November to January this year—making it a rising star.” If you want to know more download the entire Google Foods Trends report at the bottom of this post.

In the past, any mention of the efficacious ingredient from the orange tubers would have been curcumin. But now, it’s the food form. To that we say it’s about time. For more than twenty years, Cypress has been making it's own remarkable food-form ingredients, organically bound selenium yeast. The organically bound form means it's as close to the plant form or selenium as possible and is rich in selenoproteins.

Food form nutrients, like our branded SelenoExcell selenium and other food-form minerals, are better recognized by the body and are more bioavailable than isolated and synthetic forms. Now that turmeric is raising awareness among consumers about food-form nutrients, it’s time to let them know more about food-form minerals.

To learn more about how to formulate with food-form selenium and other minerals, send us a note by clicking here. We’d love to hear your story and tell you more about food-form nutrients.

Click the Button to Download the 2016 Google Food Trends Study.



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