Formulator's Corner, with Jim Roufs, MS, RD: Maternal Health

Jim Roufs, MS, RD, renowned formulator, on behalf of Cypress Ingredients, has put together a series of Selenium Product Development (PD) Essential documents to assist product developers and their quest to producing exclusive, comprehensive products available with key information to make important product development decisions. Having all the scientific research, daily intake values, regulatory issues and formulation rationale for a formula you are working all in one stop shop to make your life easier is what we aim to do here at Cypress Ingredients. 

Cypress-PDEssentials- Maternal Health

Each series will include:

  •  A concise review of pertinent Se research, with special emphasis on clinical data, including efficacy and safety along with dose and form utilized in the respective trials.
  •  An overview justifying the scientific rationale for including Se in various condition-specific applications.
  •  The daily requirements (since selenium is an essential nutrient).
  •  Regulatory considerations including GRAS status, NDI, and approved health claims.
  •  And an Se bibliography available upon request.

Cypress knows and appreciates that most product developers are incredibly busy with more ingredients, products and technologies to effectively review than they have time for. This is the mission for PD Essentials-- to provide all of the most relevant information to you, the product developer, so that you can, in turn, make the most educated decision possible when putting together high quality and efficacious products.

This months’ PD Essentials features Selenium and Maternal Health. With the importance of maternal health, the relevance of selenium in prenatal and maternal support formulas has never been more significant. Read about the latest scientific findings, the effects of selenium supplementation and an overview of the health implications, daily intakes and insights on efficacious form.

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Inside our Maternal Health Spotlight:



Jim Roufs, MS, RD, has headed up Product Development up to the VP level for several leading companies in the dietary supplement industry for nearly 30 years. Prior to becoming a consultant nearly 12 years ago, Jim headed up New Product Development for Nutrilite, the world’s largest dietary supplement brand with peak sales over $5b annually. He is a Registered Dietitian, patent holder, author in both the scientific literature as well as lay press, as well as having taught nutrition at the university level. Jim’s primary focus is finding clinically-tested ingredients, products and technologies and assisting his clients in bringing them to the marketplace.


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