Top Tips to Impress Clients at Supply Side West ... (They are free, it's our little secret)

We tapped into the brain vault of Las Vegas veterans for tips on ways to impress that special Supply Side West client without breaking the bank. Our CEO, Paul Willis, is always looking for a bargain (have you seen how affordable our SelenoExcell is?), so these are free. You can thank us later or in person at Booth P136.

Free Fun Things to Do In Vegas to Impress Your Clients

  1. Akhob. The word, translated as Pure Water, may not roll off the tongue, but the experience will leave you slack jawed. In the back of the Louis Vuitton luxury goods shop is a light show of pure splendor by James Turrell. The exhibit is a series of light filled chambers and circular doors that lead visitors from one light filled vessel to the next. The rotating hue of light is so captivating you may find it difficult to find the next door. It's free, but you must make a reservation as only four people may enter at one time, six for a private group. Call now (it books up fast), 702.730.3150. Open Thursday - Monday, 11:30am - 730pm, closed Tues and Wed.
  2. Cirque du Soleil Backstage Access. Join, or at least dream of joining the circus, with a free backstage look at this KA by Cirque du Soleil. Every Tuesday, 11:ooam and 11:30 am, and Saturday, 12noon, 12:30pm visitors can take a sneak peak backstage at the acrobatic martial arts  performance theater.  Click here for more on KA backstage visits.



  • Tour Gold and Silver Pawn Shop. See where the History Channel television series Pawn Stars is filmed. It has been said that Rick Harrison, Chumlee, Corey Harrison and Old Man are occasionally on the floor signing autographs. Get there early (opens at 9:00a.m.) to see how these four turned a passion for well-used, one-and-only items into an hit television show. Click here for more.

  • Cypress Systems Prototype Formulations Program. Lastly, we couldn't resist telling you about our new free program for clients of SelenoExcell, GTFExcell and our other mineral products. The Prototype Formulations program, developed by a leading formulations expert Jim Roufs, M.S.,R.D., gives you access to the world's finest ingredients from Cypress Systems and our partners, as well as formulation specifications and scientific support. It's free and you could win big with your next product introduction, just like Pawn Stars. Click here to make an appointment to meet at booth P136 or contact us now to get the conversation started.
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