Men's Health: Dr Geo Espinosa on a Lifestyle Approach to Prostate Health

Dr Geo Espinosa, Men's Health In Dr Ronald Hoffman's Intelligent Medicine podcast, he and Geo Espinosa, ND discuss the most recent prostate health science. Espinosa, also known as Dr. Geo, is a leading naturopathic urologist at New York University and medical advisor for Cypress Systems.

His men's health practice style is straight talk, with nothing left on or under the table. All too often men are hesitant, if not downright stubborn, in adopting preventive health measures. And when prostate cancer is diagnosed, it becomes a health issue for the entire family.

Men's Health and CaPLESS

Dr Geo's practice protocols get through to men and help support their families. His core methods are integrative health measures to reduce cancer Thrive Don't Only Surviverisk and address a host of other chronic lifestyle health issues. To help more men outside his practice, Dr. Geo founded the CaPLESS (carcinoma of the prostate, lifestyle, exercise/eating, stress and supplements) method, which is  in his book, Thrive Don't Only Survive (Riverdale 2016). It's a prescriptive method to help men adopt a lifestyle that reduces prostate cancer risk and is also applicable for men who have cancer.

In these podcasts, Espinosa says men need a team approach to move them toward an integrative health program, one that includes diet, exercise, stress reduction and even a targeted supplement program.

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