Cypress Systems at Supply Side West 2017

Dear Friends, We had a great time at Supply Side West catching up with colleagues and celebrating the 200th birthday of the discovery of selenium. In case you didn't have enough time to stop by the booth or sadly, you didn't attend this year, here are a few of our favorite moments we didn't want you to miss.

MADE IN THE USA: Paul Willis (left), CEO of Cypress Systems and Greg Strauss, Sr Vice President, ABBiotek announced a new partnership to produce SelenoExcell in the USA. Look for more on this in the future.



Karen Howard, founder of Organic & Natural Health Association interviewing Paul Willis, CEO of Cypress Systems at Supply Side West about the importance of branded ingredients. Click on the image.

Organic & Natural Health Association Cypress Systems Cypress at Supply Side West: Prototype Formulations Program

We celebrated the 200th birthday of selenium by launching our Prototype Formulations Program. It was a great success. People were stunned by the scope of the program. The biggest question we got was, "Why are you doing this?" In other words, "Why are we giving away free services to help companies speed up and streamline their formulation process? " Why? We are that kind of company. It's our way to pay it forward.

It's an exciting new program that we want to tell you more about. Click on the image for everything you need to get started.



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