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Have you ever wished you could compare a formula for the best combination of ingredients, price per dose and final product margin? Now you can. Expert Jim Roufs, MS, RD, on behalf of Cypress Systems, has put together a series of well-vetted, best-in-class, condition-specific formulations in trending product categories. The idea is to share all the information a product developer might need to abbreviate the research and due-diligence cycle for developing effective, high-margin formulations. These turnkey formula prototypes are so complete they could be shared with a contract manufacturer without additional adjustments. The worksheets include information such as:

  • Three options for each condition: Good, Better and Best.
  • A list of all the ingredients, including SelenoExcell®, with specific dosages based on the research.
  • Cost per dose based on using the best-in-class ingredient suppliers (Verdure SciencesPLT Health Solutions, BionapBalchem, and more).
  • Contact information for all the suggested ingredients mentioned.
  • Cost per bottle for margin calculations.
  • Worksheet format for easy customization of formulations and cost calculation.

For example, below is an equation on the cost per dose, which shows the cost-effective nature of selenium in formulations:

To obtain the selenium dose used in the research (200 mcg), 167 mg of SelenoExcell® are needed, considering the product contains 1200 mcg Se/g:

  • The cost of 167 mg (1 dose): 0.0000345 x 167 = 0.0057615 $/dose
  • The cost per month: 0.0057615 x 30 = 0.172845 $/month

This month we focus on brain health formulas. Selenium is a great way to supercharge a brain support product for less than 20 cents per monthly supply or $0.006 per dose.

Look for these kinds of insights and more from Cypress Systems’ best-in-class, turnkey, condition specific formulations. To get your copy of our Good, Better, Best Formulation document for Brain Health, click on the button below:

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Inside our Brain Health Spotlight:

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Jim Roufs, MS, RD, has headed up Product Development up to the VP level for several leading companies in the dietary supplement industry for nearly 30 years. Prior to becoming a consultant nearly 12 years ago, Jim headed up New Product Development for Nutrilite, the world’s largest dietary supplement brand with peak sales over $5b annually. He is a Registered Dietitian, patent holder, author in both the scientific literature as well as lay press, as well as having taught nutrition at the university level. Jim’s primary focus is finding clinically-tested ingredients, products and technologies and assisting his clients in bringing them to the marketplace.




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