New White Paper, Nuts and Bolts on Yeast Fermentation Technology

One of the biggest questions we get at Cypress Ingredients is on yeast fermentation. For many who are unfamiliar with this amazing technology, concerns arise about the safety of yeast and whether it contributes to unwanted health issues.

Yeast Fermentation White Paper

Download Yeast Fermentation White Paper

Science tells us that the yeast used to make supplements is perfectly safe and poses no health concerns commonly seen with pathogenic yeasts.

Jack Sobel on Yeast Safety Learn from leading yeast experts about why there is absolutely no reason to worry about the type of yeast used in dietary supplement yeast fermentation. We've broken the science down into an easy-to-follow white paper that outlines why this technology is perfectly safe and why it's necessary to make the best food-form of selenium and other minerals.

If you or your colleagues need a refresher course on yeast fermentation, this white paper is just what you need to know about why high selenium yeast if safe, effective and necessary to produce the most bioactive form of selenium for ideal outcomes.

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