Natural Products Insider acknowledges selenium's role in first 1000 days of life

natural-products-insider-logoAs most of our customer partners know, Cypress Systems is committed to maternal and infant nutrition, and the long-term health effects on both mother and child. There is an impressive body of scientific evidence demonstrating the value of high selenium yeast in pre- and post-natal nutrition. We were pleased to be included in Natural Products Insider’s “Nutrition for the First 5 Years.” It’s a solid indication that our industry is acknowledging the importance of using high selenium yeast in nutritional supplements and food products for maternal health.

Cypress Systems has compiled extensive, compelling evidence that selenium plays a significant role in a healthy pregnancy and infant development. Maternal supplementation with high-selenium yeast has been shown to significantly reduce the risk of spontaneous preterm birth and developing preeclampsia. This benefit has not been documented in studies using other organic forms of selenium or using inorganic selenite.


“The entire goal of the first 1,000 days of life is to optimize the nutrition of the child, which includes optimizing the nutrition of the mother from before conception through lactation,” CEO Paul Willis told Natural Products Insider editors. 

 In the article, Willis also noted, “Selenium has shown to be beneficial for pre-term babies; a recent review of 18 clinical trials indicated selenium supplementation can reduce many of the clinical complications associated with premature births, such as bacterial infections.”


While the article concluded that selenium should be considered a critical nutrient to ensure adequate development of infants, toddlers and young children, it did not mention that form also matters. SelenoExcell® standardized high-selenium yeast is the most bioavailable form of this important nutrient.

 Current evidence suggests that our organically bound high selenium yeast is 1.5 to 2 times more bioavailable than the inorganic forms. Additionally, it has been shown that food form high selenium yeast, such as SelenoExcell®, is retained longer in the body than the inorganic forms.

 Many companies are now seeking to improve their competitiveness by using higher quality, clean-label products. Download our Maternal Health Research Review for additional information or to get started formulating with body-ready SelenoExcell®.


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