SelenoExcell® takes a leading role in NutraIngredients multivitamin trend article

nutraingredients-logoSelenoExcell® was one of just three ingredients to earn coverage in Hank Schultz’s recent NutraIngredients article describing emerging trends in multivitamins. Schultz was specifically interested in the comprehensive science supporting the use of high selenium yeast for maternal  and infant nutrition.

Schultz led his article with SelenoExcell®, explaining that it has been researched for decades for its potential as a cancer fighter. “The research supported 10 FDA-approved qualified health claims on selenium and its ability to reduce the risk of certain cancers,” he wrote. “Even being allowed to say ‘cancer’ and ‘dietary supplement’ in the same breath is a big step.”

He then transitioned to selenium’s emerging role in maternal nutrition by proclaiming, “Selenium becomes hero in ‘first 1,000 days’ story.” This is based on Cypress Systems’ executive summary on high selenium yeast’s importance in this critical stage of life. Low selenium status is correlated with a higher incidence of preterm births and greater risk for preeclampsia during pregnancy. Maternal supplementation with high-selenium yeast has been shown to significantly reduce these risks.


In this article, Cypress Systems CEO Paul Willis noted that low selenium status is a problem of critical public health importance. “In helping to prevent pre-term births, in infant development, we think this is going to be a very strong emerging area for selenium,” he told Schultz, who confirmed that there are more than 91 studies on this issue and that the research pace is increasing.

Cypress Systems fully believes that high selenium yeast will someday be viewed as important as folic acid for healthy pregnancies and early childhood development. This is because pregnancy is characterized by an apparent increase in maternal transfer of selenium to the fetus especially during the last trimester. Without supplementation, blood levels of selenium progressively decline during pregnancy and lactation. Current evidence suggests that food-form high selenium yeast, such as SelenoExcell®, is retained longer in the body than the inorganic forms.

This is part of a growing body of evidence demonstrating that standardized, high selenium yeast should be in prenatal and post-natal maternal supplements. This represents serious opportunities for the dietary supplement industry to step in and add value.

To capture greater market share, maternal supplement formulators will want to use SelenoExcell® standardized high-selenium yeast because it is the most bioavailable form of this important nutrient. At just $.006 per 100 mcg dose, SelenoExcell® is also an affordable way to improve a maternal supplement’s efficacy.

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